Remus Lupin (remusmoonylupin) wrote,
Remus Lupin

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Sunday Night: Den of Seduction - Locked to Snape [Warning for sex]

Remus' room is transformed. The chairs before the fire are pushed back to make room for a pit of oversized pillows all covered in deep midnight blue velvet. Warming on the hearthstones are a few assorted bottles of oils all subtly scented. The table that was previously next to one of the chairs is draped in the same dark blue, as are both the chairs and the bed. On the table is a vase with the enchanted rose and a single African Gloriosa Lily, a flat square box, two wine glasses, and a bottle of wine. The floor, bed, and pillows are strewn with white rose petals.

Remus was lying back on the pillows, wearing tight black leather trousers and nothing else. The door is unlocked.
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