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Moon Dance

Remus Lupin
Name: Remus Lupin
Age: 16
Height: 6'0" and climbing
Home: Colchester
House: i'm in gryffindor!
Favorite class: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration

Background: Remus Lupin was attacked by a werewolf when he was seven years old, and has suffered from the condition himself ever since. At that time, his mother had to give up working full time to be available to care for him during and after the full moon. This caused a sharp decrease in the family's financial situation, and they have been living hand to mouth since then, relying on only his father's meager income as a lower-level administrator in a Ministry of Magic field office.

Although he holds out little hope of having a normal life after he graduates from Hogwarts, he wants to leave school with every possible advantage, i.e. perfect grades, spotless record, etc. Although his friends are almost always in trouble, Remus manages to skirt around the edge of censure, and avoid any blame for their pranks. He's spent his life perfecting the skill of flying under the radar of most people's notice. The fewer people paying attention to him, the less likely discovery.

More background information on Remus to come at lifeofremus.

[This is a role-playing journal for the mentally deranged group known as _razorsedge_. No profit is made; no ownership of the character is implied.]